This is the year to dress in red! The 2016-2017 Premier League season begins once more, and so too does Jurgen Klopp's effort to step out of Brendan Rodgers' shadow. Suffice to say with Liverpool's upcoming season so heavily speculated, Liverpool tickets are going to be high in demand! Not to mention Liverpool's strong affiliation with the Singapore region. It recently promoted the club's newest initiative, LFC World, in Singapore city centre with a star-filled lineup of former greats. Ian Rush, Luis Garcia and Gary McAllister greeted thousands of fans which should give you some indication of just how popular the liverbirds are! Don’t miss the chance for a once in a lifetime experience and get hold of your Liverpool tickets! If you want to feel the excitement and the tension during the match, turn off your television set and get those tickets to truly see Liverpool in action! Don't forget with StubHub you can watch any of Liverpool's games live, and it only takes a simple couple of clicks.

With Anfield standing as one of the most legendary stadiums in football history, you know there's no better place to see the Liverpool side, especially when you consider Anfield's incredible atmosphere! And that's just speaking generally. Can you imagine watching Liverpool v Chelsea or one of their other fierce Premier League rivals Manchester United, Everton or Arsenal? As StubHub provides opportunities to buy and sell tickets safely and securely, make sure you regularly check our pages to see Liverpool live!

Liverpool: Born in Anfield

While stadiums typically hold a certain level of importance to a club, only a couple can boast being the sole reason for a team's existence. Going back to the year 1892, Liverpool FC was born through a debate regarding Everton's tenancy of the stadium. With Everton having stayed in the venue in 1884, a dispute occurred between Anfield's owner (and Everton's club president) John Houlding and Everton's board of directors. With Houlding wanting to sell the grounds to the club, and the club wanting to rent the grounds on a long-term basis, suffice to say a common ground could not be found. When the deal fell through, Everton left Anfield to eventually find Goodison Park and an unperturbed Houlding decided to form a team to occupy his now-vacant stadium. Originally fighting for the rights to use Everton Athletic, after the FA refused to recognise the team as Everton outright, Houlding eventually settled on Liverpool FC.

Liverpool's change from Rodgers to Klopp

Under Brendan Rodgers’ leadership, the English team was expecting to go further than ever, especially when you consider the sheer amount of money that Rodgers’ had spent in cultivating a "new and improved team". With the sale of Luis Suarez, going for a reported seventy-five million pounds, Rodgers’ was given almost 150 million pounds to spend as he liked, and spend it he did! Having accrued a score of new talent, such examples including Adam Lallana, whose start with the reds may have been rocky, but later proved his purchase was warranted, earning himself a level of praise not given to many English players, or the equally young Alberto Moreno, whose work in the left-back made him a heavily desired player! Unfortunately, Rodger’s decisions to manage for the long-term didn’t quite cut it with club owners FSG (Fenway Sports Group), and it was quite the blow for faithful Liverpool fans when Rodger's dismissal occurred. While Rodger’s departure is indeed a sad occasion for both fans and team alike, the fact that his replacement, Jurgen Klopp (formerly of Borussia Dortmund) came in, left many folks excited at what’s in store for the boys in red! Of course with the honeymoon period over, the media has now placed Klopp under heavy scrutiny, and there's little doubt that this will be an important year for Klopp. Already we are seeing speculation on Klopp's fans for the upcoming transfer window.

Liverpool's last season

Finishing in a middling 8th place in the Premier League, yet making it to the Europa League final, Liverpool's last season really was a mixed bag. It's never easy for a team that has a manager change-over near the end of the season, however the fact that Liverpool made it to the Europa League final is still nothing to laugh at. While Liverpool's performance during the final is certainly debatable, with Klopp taking on much of the responsibility despite criticisms of Moreno's performance. As the new 2016-2017 Premier League season draws near, predictions are already underway for Liverpool's performance, and it stands to reason that Liverpool tickets will remain high in demand! So find your ideal Liverpool match and prepare to be amazed for a match that you won't regret!


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