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Also known as The Three Lions, the red and white team is one of the oldest international football teams, having played their first international match against Scotland in 1872. However this match wasn’t what you would call a great success, for no goal was scored during the entire match and wound up ending in a tie. Little did the England national team know that ten years later it would be playing a match that up until today would be remembered as England’s biggest win. A match played in Belfast against the Ireland team was the key to England’s greatest success; a game where Ireland suffered a crushing defeat and lost 0-13. At that time, England played exclusively in the British Home Championship, against the other Home Nations (Scotland, Wales and Ireland). However, several years later, in 1906, England joined the FIFA and got to play against other European national teams. England was becoming more and successful every year and by 1923 Wembley Stadium, a venue with a seating capacity of over 90,000 located in London, became England’s official home stadium. It wasn’t until 1950 when England competed for the first time in the World Cup and has since then qualified fourteen times. Over the years, England has managed to win this prestigious championship only once. The final was played against West Germany in 1966 and remains one of the greatest spectacles in English football; a match where England won four two earning them the title “wingless wonders”. The 1966 World Cup was held in England, with matches occurring all over the Country. England played in fine form, with the team including such football legends as Bobby Charlton, Bobby Moore and Geoff Hurst. 

England's biggest football rivals:

England has a number of enemies on the pitch, sharing rivalries with Argentina, Germany and Scotland. As mentioned earlier 1966 saw the beginning of England and Argentina’s rivalry, their next clash occurred twenty years later where the game posed particularly fiery as, only four years previously, the countries were at war with each other over the Falklands. The 1986 World Cup game, involved Diego Maradona’s infamous “Hand of God” incident, a controversial goal scored by Argentinean Maradona, in which the player punched the ball into the net. England went on to lose the game and ultimately face a knockout of the competition. The next major World Cup incident occurred as recent as 1998, when star English player of the time, David Beckham, was given a red card after provocation from Diego Simeone. The story goes that after Simeone fouled Beckham, the Argentinean stood up and pushed on Beckham’s back, angered by this Beckham swung a kick, causing his red card. The game also saw a disallowed goal at the very last minute from England player, Sol Campbell, as after the goal had been scored, while the English team were celebrating, Argentina petitioned for a foul against the goal keeper by Alan Shearer. 

Germany remains England other big rivals, though German’s are happy to dismiss this rivalry as one sided, with the Germany focusing more on rivalries with the Netherlands. Despite this there are many instances to think the opposite with newspapers being more than happy to cater to them. As previously mentioned during the 1966 World Cup, Germany were the last obstacle in England’s way and many people see this as the beginning of Germany’s constant obstruction for England success. The next heavily remembered incident occurs in 1970, in the following World Cup’s quarter finals. With England two nil up in the first half, Germany equalised in the second, forcing the game to extra time. Two goals were scored one by Germany and the other by England, however England’s goal was mysteriously ruled out, forcing a loss which psychologically scarred England for future games, all through to the nineties. 

The nineties then saw a flurry of incidences between the two teams. The 1990 World Cup saw the staging of these two teams once again in the Semi Finals. After a very evenly matched ninety minutes, the game went into penalties, England lost to Germany, and Germany went to win the world cup, though what is remembered is the reaction of English player, Paul Gascoigne, upon receiving a yellow card. The player cried, realising that the booking would lead to his suspension in the final. The Observer describing the image of Gascoigne as “Unaggressive and emotional”, promoting an attitude change in England’s view, the beginnings of the “Beautiful Game”. Most recently it was Germany that knocked out England in the 2010 World Cup, with a tremendous result of four one, even then controversy arose as England’s Midfielder Frank Lampard’s disallowed equalizing goal, which bounced off of the cross bar into the goal, then back out. The linesman, not having seen the ball pass the line, disallowed the goal, with the team’s morale never recovered after their stolen goal, and England were knocked out. 

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