Autumn Internationals

also known as the “End of Year Tests”, can now be found on StubHub! Contested by teams from both the Six Nations Championship and those of The Rugby Championship, the tournament includes some of the best teams the world has to offer.

Touring nations Australia, Japan, Argentina, South Africa, New Zealand and Fiji teams, play against their European counterparts such as England, Scotland, Wales and France.  Each team plays around three to four matches throughout the series, with points tallied up at the end.  One team of the Rugby Championship will also play the Barbarians, an invitation-only team based in the UK. The teams also have the opportunity to complete what is called a “Grand Slam”, when a touring team beats all four of their matches against England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.  This has been achieved nine times in total by South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, so it's historically proved doable. More impressively, both South Africa and New Zealand have completed the grand slam four times, while Australia has only done it once.

StubHub has the Autumn Internationals tickets you have been waiting for!  Who is going to win this year?  Will one of the touring teams complete the grand slam?  You can be there to see for yourself!  Hurry up and get your Autumn Internationals tickets here and now before it’s too late! 


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